I was born and raised on the beautiful beaches of Southern California.  My first love of Nature came in the form of skin/scuba diving and  exploring the underwater world of the kelp forests that thrive in the Pacific Ocean.  I moved to Oregon when I was 18 years old to attend the University of Oregon.  It was here in the Pacific Northwest that I realized my deepest love affair with nature when I first stepped foot into the forests of Oregon and developed a life changing appreciation for all things Natural.  I have lived in Portland Oregon for the last 20+ years and I am now a family man with a loving wife and two children. 

    My interest in portrait photography and capturing the human experience was born when I married my wife Jen and began raising my step daughter Lily.  She was only 6 years old when I met Lily and I was just beginning my journey with shooting with Nikon dslr equipment.  It did not take me long to understand how fast children grow up and how important it is to capture the precious moments that happen during this period of life.  I invested heavily in professional photography equipment and began to develop my style of shooting portraits.  I am a self taught photographer who learns from every aspect of my experience with life.  Never to rest on my laurels, I am always on a quest of become better at what I do and to capture the feelings, emotions and spirit of my subjects.  I feel, as a parent, that my children and family are the most precious resources in my life.  Capturing compelling images of my family became of the highest priority in my life.  This includes our family pets too:)  It did not take long before others began to want images of their precious loved ones captured through my creative eye.  I began to shoot portraits, engagements and weddings and I have never looked back. 

      I have now dedicated my life towards the goal of capturing the human spirit through my creative use of the camera lens.  My passion for photography has become a quest to develop my own style which stands above average and captures much more than just a photograph for my clients.  I try to capture the essence of who you are and your experience and preserve this beauty in gorgeous images that will last a lifetime.  There are many photographers to choose from in this world.  Everybody has an iphone.  Everybody has an Uncle Bob that has a nice camera but not many people can translate all aspects of light, love and human spirit into a photograph.  I work with each client on a personal basis, with a goal of giving all my skills and all my collective knowledge towards one mission which is to capture the most precious moments of your life into compelling, colorful and heartfelt images that you can treasure forever.  Contact me if you would like to have a conversation about setting up a family, couples, engagement or wedding package. 

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